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99 vital pieces of information on bipolar disorder: Are you bipolar? Keep reading the important information on bipolar disorder below for: 1. In between episodes of bipolar mania and/or depression, there will usually be periods of stable or “normal” moods and wellness. The usual age of onset is late teens to early twenties. Bipolar disorder is NOT CURABLE and must be controlled by mood stabilizing medication. Grandiose plans and beliefs that are not realistic. This is one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated bipolar disorder facts. Some atypical (latest generation) anti-psychotics have been approved for treating bipolar disorder as research has shown them to have mood stabilizing properties on top of their utility for bipolar mania. Another of the misunderstood bipolar disorder facts is that most people spend MUCH MORE time experiencing depression as opposed for mania, and the best treatment for bipolar depression seems to be a combination of Lithium and Lamotrigine (Lamictal). In terms of getting well and staying well, it is critical to understand that the most proven approach is to COMBINE MEDICATION AND TALK THERAPY. Control weight and mood swings by eating plenty of lean protein and vegetables, taking folic acid and fish oil, and avoiding sugar, “bad” fats, and simple carbs. Join a bipolar disorder support group, for example through your local DBSA. Make charting your moods on a Bipolar Mood Chart a daily practice. Bipolar disorder used to be known as manic depressive illness. It is a MOOD DISORDER characterized by MOOD SWINGS between the “highs” of bipolar mania and the “lows” of depression. This is one of the most unpalatable but important bipolar disorder facts. Despite being a life long illness, bipolar disorder is very manageable. Not everyone wants to be psychoanalyzed, but there are other forms of talk therapy that are effective bipolar treatments: 52. A common myth is that bipolar disorder, once correctly diagnosed, is a distinct, precise illness. If you've been active on the forums within the last year your account will be migrated to the new site. But before you get too depressed, do you truly have full knowledge of what sex is all about and are you able to give full consent to your actions.Though we are making every effort to migrate the most important parts of the database, we cannot guarantee that all content associated with your account will be migrated. But I'm an eighteen year old girl with teenage hormones. Why do we, as Catholics, have to feel ashamed about our sexuality? Others may argue with me, but I would suspect the answer to both of those questions is "no." Now this is not to excuse the behavior. Every time I follow my conscience and think of God, I'm filled with an immense joy and love.In fact, it is one of the “best” mental illnesses to have in that there are many effective bipolar treatments available. Bipolar disorder is often misdiagnosed as depression in women or schizophrenia in men. Another common misdiagnosis is to pronounce someone bipolar when they really have borderline personality disorder. Untreated bipolar disorder is dangerous and may lead to suicide during depression, or self destructive activities during bipolar mania such as wild spending, crazy business ventures, sexual promiscuity or infidelity and other high risk behavior. Bipolar disorder must be diagnosed and treated by an experienced psychiatrist who specializes in mood disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has a good track record as a bipolar disorder treatment. In fact there there are several types of bipolar disorder.

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Use these reputable and independent sources for accurate information about bipolar disorder: 11. Sleep changes – either insomnia or excessive sleep. Lack of motivation and neglect of routine tasks such as personal grooming. This can be very useful in recognizing the stressors that trigger our bipolar episodes and learning to control them. Psycho-education is all about learning as much as possible about bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder facts increasingly also require an understanding of soft bipolar and the bipolar spectrum. Another myth is that mania is a fun high that is like an exaggerated form of being “the life and soul of the party”. They have a mood disorder and in between the highs of mania and lows of depression may have long and/or frequent periods of stable moods where they function well.

Facts on Bipolar Disorder from National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) 13. Understanding your illness promotes treatment compliance (such as taking bipolar medications) and helps in determining the best treatments for you as an individual and also in recognizing warning signs of mania and depression so that bipolar episodes can be minimized and controlled. Narrative therapy which helps someone with bipolar disorder understand the stories they tell themselves and to externalize their bipolar disorder in order to better solve associated problems. Solution Focused Therapy which differs from some talk therapy in that it is oriented towards the present and future and to practical solutions, rather than exploring the past or dwelling on problems. Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy (IPSRT) is a treatment program that stresses maintaining a regular schedule of daily activities and stability in personal relationships. Make sure there is support there for the carer as well as the patient in case of a relapse into mania or depression. Life and love with someone who has bipolar disorder is like any relationship, including challenges and rewards. If treatment is followed then there will be positives such as a companion who is creative and captivating. Mania takes many different forms and can manifest as extreme irritability or even psychosis. The true bipolar disorder facts are that many people go months or even years without an episode. Another common misunderstanding relates to workplace functioning. Some folks mistakenly believe that bipolar is untreatable, while others believe that bipolar medications are a “cure”.

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