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Reality - The legal standard for how property gets divided in a divorce is "fair and equitable." And the statute is explicit that courts are to divide the marital assets "without regard to fault," including adultery.

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This booklet provides general information on Maine youth employment laws (Title 26 M. Employers can learn if federal laws cover their businesses and obtain information on federal laws from: By understanding and complying with the rules governing the employment of minors, employers, teachers, and parents can help ensure teens have safe and positive work experiences. Internships Employer/Employee Relationships Enforcement of Maine Child Labor Laws Comparison of Maine and Federal Child Labor Laws Minimum Wage, Overtime, Recordkeeping and Other Labor Laws Safety and Health Discrimination and Harassment A. These laws include: Employers who employ minors (youths under 18 years old) must ensure that working conditions meet the requirements of all four areas. When both federal and state laws apply, employers must follow the law that provides the most protection for the minor.

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