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Now, I might be a fan, of sorts, but I've also been on the Internet long enough to know that it wouldn't take long before other people discovered the e-mail address, that it would be spread all over the web, and that she would be getting thousands of e-mails a week. I received no immediate reply - nor did I receive any indication that the e-mail had bounced. The heads-up is greatly appreciated, I can't thank you enough! Have a great weekend, Deanna Casaluce And no, you cannot have her e-mail address, so don't even ask. I mean, she's just a another person, goes to work, does her gig, reads her e-mail, mis-spells words.. If there is anything I detest more than the stereotypical lipstick lesbian so common to shows that cater to men, it's the freakish, man-hating dyke at the other extreme. Let's face it, the e-mails of the stars are .. Additionally, within 24 hours of the e-mail being sent, this site got a very suspicious hit that was opened from an e-mail client from a host originating in Toronto, Canada — the ONLY permalink that was looked at — was this one This morning, I went back and checked to see if all of the sensitive information had been removed — and in fact it has. Addendum: I e-mailed her back and included a gmail invite and she mailed me back again, thanking me for that. I am struck by the reaction that people seem to have to Deanna - or rather, her character, Alex. Not to suggest that those people don't exist - I just find their mass-media characterizations to be offensive. But a good deal of the attraction is her character. She was always seen with him, and didn’t have much character development of her own during the season.She dated Jay until end of Season 4, when she got an STD from him and learned of his affair with her best friend Amy.Deanna also does Emily's Vlog, and has also been seen on Life Of A Crime a couple of times.

She played the role of Georgia in the 2007 TV movie Devil's Diary.But the casting director did like her and later asked her to play the part of Alex.Later, she got a role on The Devil's Diary as Georgia along with her Degrassi co-star Miriam Mc Donald.This led to Alex ending her friendship with Amy and breaking up with Jay.In Season 4, Alex was working at the movie theater with Paige, and although the two did not like each other at first, they eventually became good friends.She was born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada to a family of Italian heritage.