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For example, if you want to update a displayed progress bar the code to update it from a background thread would look like this: Keep the dispatched routine short to ensure the maximum responsiveness of the UI for the user.

Also keep in mind that the dispatched method will be executed asynchronously and will thus continue execution in the background thread immediately after the Begin Invoke call without waiting for the dispatched method to execute.

Quite often work of those threads also has to interact with the user interface (either it has to display a progress report or it simply creates objects that interact with the user interface eg. Problem is, that trying to access GUI elements from any other than UI thread will cause exception and the program will stop.Greetings, Petar Mladenov the Telerik team Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?Spiffy, and whilst we’re at it, why not bind the Maximum value as well – after all, we can’t be sure of the size of the progress, and it’s a pain to have to work out the percentage (when the progress bar can do it for us): Everything is good until the Value is less than the Maximum, at this point the Progress Bar breaks.That’s right, it no longer updates itself, it will always look 100% full.I want a progress bar (Is Indeterminate=false) showing the user the progress as each file is migrated to the DB (as the operation can take up to 2 minutes).