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Low self-esteem can plague either partner in a teen relationship and act as a catalyst to abuse.

When an abuser has low self-esteem, he may seek to control his partner's behavior since he doesn't feel worthy enough that she'll be faithful.

About 20 percent of respondents of both genders said they had experienced some type of psychological violence within a dating relationship, and ten percent of girls and eight percent of boys cited both psychological and physical violence.

And when researchers followed up with the same participants five years later, they found that those who had experienced dating violence as teens were two to three times more likely to be in violent relationships later in their lives.

When the victim has low self-esteem, she may not believe that anyone else will love or spend time with her, perpetuating the cycle of abuse and violence in her relationship.

Teens are only just beginning to understand what being in a relationship means.

Regardless of whether a child has been personally targeted and harmed physically and/or emotionally, the effects of observing violence are adverse and severe.

Children and teenagers who witness domestic violence are at significantly greater risk of developing depression, delinquency, aggression, low self-esteem and self-abuse.

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She is a support worker in the neonatal intensive care and antepartum units of her local hospital and recently became a certified group fitness instructor.

A young woman's educational performance may be hindered by her partner's actions, such as destroying books or homework or causing injuries that prevent her from going to school.

Dating violence in adolescence not only takes a physical and emotional toll on young women, it also leads to less education and lower earnings later in life.

Each additional year of education was associated with an extra 5 in earnings.

Teens may not call it “dating” but studies show that by the time they are in middle school, many young people are involved in intimate, romantic dating relationships.