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Kate Richie is one of the best actors, probably because she was there from the start and we (the viewers) were able to see her grow up.The show is obviously a little exaggerated I mean our ordinary life is not as adventurous but I think that's what makes us (the viewers) watch it.In 2007 Lasance was cast in the Seven Network soap opera television series Home and Away as Aden Jefferies, which is generally recognised as Lasance's breakout role.In October 2007 Seven announced Lasance would become a series regular once the series returned for its 2008 season.I said, 'I'm keeping it', and she said, 'Well, I'm keeping it, too'. For five years, Todd Lasance was beloved by Home And Away fans as bad boy-turned-good Aden Jefferies.

about the possibility of real-life love, Lasance insisted: "The fans would love to see that - but no, Jess and I are just really good friends. I think she's amazing."The actor also revealed that he and Tovey now wear each other's rings, explaining: "We were at a party and I grabbed her ring off her and she grabbed mine off me.

The reason Tasha only spoke pig Latin was that Isabel Lucas, who played Tasha, had been spotted on a street and, lacking acting experience, was slowly introduced into the action by not having to say much. You have to appreciate the history to enjoy the show.

The show has a lot of history and helps budding young actors get started.

‘We have fallen instantly, totally and utterly head over heels in love with her on a level that I couldn't possibly ever put into words.

‘I have to take a moment to say that I am in complete awe of Jordan! So inspiring, not only as a woman, but the mother of my child. I am literally bursting right now, and it's only just the beginning for our little family.