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Updating bugzilla

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If not, port and test them so you have them ready to reapply once you do the upgrade for real. Those with critical data or large installations may wish to test the upgrade on a development server first, using a copy of the production data and configuration. So far, I have come across tools such as CVSZilla and Scm Bug.I need to be able to parse through comments in CVS/SVN, append those comments to the bug report and modify the status of the bug in Bugzilla.

If you find bugs in the code available from the git repository, please report it to us so that we can fix most critical ones on time for Testopia 3.0.

However, recent tarballs have included source code management system information, so you may be able to use the Git, Bzr or CVS instructions.

If you aren't sure which of these categories you fall into, to find out which version control system your copy of Bugzilla recognizes, look for the following subdirectories in your root Bugzilla directory: parameter is set.

These will be available in most Bugzilla installations once they upgrade to 4.0.

There are a lot of great possibilities for these, including version-control integration, the ability to automatically attach screenshots to a Bugzilla bug, etc.